Thought Field Therapy

What is Thought Field Therapy?

Thought Field Therapy is a safe and effective tool that you can learn for yourself and use outside of sessions. It was developed by Dr Roger Callaghan and it can be effective in reducing anxiety, stress, phobias and cravings.

The premise behind this treatment is that the issue is caused by a disturbance in the energy field and by tapping into the field while focused on the issue, the disturbance can be removed from the body’s energy field.

What does a treatment involve?

As with all treatments, an initial assessment will be conducted and I would explain what you can expect from the session.  For TFT to work you would be asked to focus on the problem while you are taken through various tapping sequences. 

What can I expect? 

You may find that focusing on the issue you are presenting with is uncomfortable and therefore we will go at a pace suited to you. 

The sequences are easy to follow and I would do these with you so you can mirror the actions.


There are no contraindications.

COVID-19 Statement

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