HypnoPregnancy - hypnofertility

What is it?

As a qualified clinical hypnotherapist and an accredited HypnoPrgegnancy Practitioner (www.hypnopregnancy.co.uk) I am
trained to deliver their specialist programme in Hynpobirthing.

Hypnotherapy can assist infertility problems like unexplained infertility,
PCOS, low quality eggs and can complement IVF as well as other
fertility techniques. I can support you through your fertility journey,
including emotionally preparing you for assisted reproduction like IVF. 


What Does it Involve?

As with all treatments an initial assessment will help guide the approach,
and session plans. You may want to attend sessions as a couple or on a
one to one basis.


What Can I expect

The sessions will be tailored to you and may include techniques such as
hypnosis, self hypnosis, visualisations, Self Affirmations and
Mindfulness. The sessions may also include support for any lifestyle
changes you might like to make to increase your chances of a
successful pregnancy.


The contraindications for hypnofertility are psychosis and epilepsy that
is triggered by relaxation. other medical conditions can present
considerations and I may ask for GP advice before commencing

COVID-19 Statement

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