HypnoPregnancy - hypnobirthing

What is it?

As a qualified clinical hypnotherapist and an accredited HypnoPrgegnancy Practitioner (www.hypnopregnancy.co.uk) I am
trained to deliver their specialist programme in Hynpobirthing
Hypnobirthing involves using Hypnotherapy to aid childbirth. I will teach
you specific self-hypnosis, breathing and relaxation techniques to help
you have the calm, confident and natural birth that you and your baby
deserve. Hypnotherapy is a completely safe, calm, relaxing experience
which helps you to feel and be more in control of your birthing
experience. Additionally, if any challenges do come along during your
birthing experience you will find you are able to deal with them in a much
calmer way.



What Does it Involve?
The sessions will teach you the techniques that you can then practice
and benefit from during pregnancy and birth and along your parenting
The sessions are delivered in 2 different ways:
-A one to one session(or two as I would encourage you to bring
along your birth partner) in either a 3 hour session or 2 x 1.5 hours
-A group workshop with up to 5 other couples (3 hours)

What Can I expect
The programme includes Female Anatomy, Stages of Embryo & Foetus
Development, Self-Hypnosis, Breathing Techniques, Pain Management
Powerful Hypnosis Visualisations & when to use them, (Neuro
Linguistic Programming) for helping to process any past related traumas
and to anchor positive resourceful states, Mindfulness & Meditation,
Positive Psychology, 6 Hypnosis Recordings & when to use them,
Success Manual, Birth Partner Booklet, Positive Parenting – tools to
help you through the 4th trimester & beyond.

The contraindications for Hynpobirthing are psychosis and epilepsy that
is triggered by relaxation. other medical conditions can present
considerations and I may ask for GP advice before commencing

COVID-19 Statement

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